Nursing Assistant

Course Title: Basic Nurse Assistant Training/Nursing Assistant Program

Career Opportunities

You are an important part of the healthcare team because you will be the one to give assistance and support to the doctors and nurses. Under the watchful supervision of a nurse, you may help bathe, dress, feed, obtain vital signs, report observations and basically keep track of the patients. You can also help in the set-up and preparation of the equipment to be used and record keeping.

When you have finished your Nursing Assistant Program, you will receive a technical diploma. Upon successful completion and graduation of a nursing competency exam, you will be then qualified to work as a home health aide or nursing assistant in a variety of settings. This includes home care, health care agencies, nursing home, hospitals, assisted living facilities and many more.

Program Description

The Nursing Assistant program is designed to prepare individuals to administer patient care as members of a nursing team in hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, and other extended care facilities. The nursing assistant course consists of 5 weeks program of 120 hours consisting of theory, laboratory and clinical content. The course is approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Successful completion of the NATCEP exam is required for employment as a Certified Nurse Assistant.

Helpful Highschool Units/Courses

Health, psychology, biology, math, english

Caregiver Background Check

Student must meet guidelines established by the state statutes regarding caregiver background check information.

Functional Ability Agreement

This profession is psychologically and physically demanding but rewarding. We have a list of functional abilities for the Nursing Assistant Program for you to review and in order for you to find out if this profession is right for you. Amazing Care Systems, Inc. will require the students to sign the Nursing Assistant Functional Ability Agreement Form at the program orientation session prior to the official start of the program.

Amazing Care Systems, Inc.’s Nursing Program will focus on the special needs of the elderly. In addition to that, you will learn basic restorative care, nutrition, hospice care for both geriatric and pediatric patients.

Program Admission Requirements
• Must possess a minimum of eight grade completion
• Be at least 16 years of age or be a high school graduate from an accredited high school or certified General Education Degree (GED) completed. Assigned attestation verifying proof of high school diploma or GED is also accepted as proof of meeting requirements at the time of enrollment for NA applicants.
• Students must be able to produce original Social Security Card as well as current State Identification card/International Passport.
• Applicants must adhere to a physical examination (TB test).
• Accumulative health record is completed by the student and returned to the school.
• An IDPH Criminal Background Check and child abuse history clearance is required as all documentation must be submitted prior to the first week of class. The cost is covered by student.
• All students are required to carry health insurance or sign a waiver assuming responsibility for all health care costs in which they may incur.
• Fees for all health care costs solely lie at the responsibility of the student.
• Must have sound English speaking skills. All courses are communicated using the English language

Program Outcomes

  • Carry out basic nursing skills required
  • Assist and support with client restorative care and rehabilitation
  • Protecting and maintaining of client rights
  • Interactive communication with clients and their families and co-workers
  • Record keeping
  • Report Information
  • Provide personal care