I want to take the class but I can’t pay it all at once, what can I do?

The cost of the program is $800. Payments can be made in intervals, however to start the class $300 must be paid.

What time do classes run?

We offer morning and evening sessions to try to accommodate our students. Contact (708) 432-8488 for more information.

Are there any financial assistance available?

There are no financial assistance for this program, however if you bring others to the programs, tuition will go down according to the number of referrals. If the tuition is paid in full, meaning in one go, $50 will be taken out of the tuition. Contact us for more information.

How long does the program last and will there be more in the future?

A CNA program session is 5 weeks long. New sessions will start a week after the previous session ends. See the catalog for specific dates.

I still have questions, where do I address them?

You can call us at 708-432-8488, or leave us a message through our online Contact Us form. In addition, if you want to personally talk to us, you can meet with us by Setting an Appointment online for a schedule.